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For Unitymedia we created a series of interviews where one of Germany's top YouTubers "Joyce" chats with some of the web's most interesting personalities.

Content format – #EchtEntspannt – Unitymedia


When Unitymedia wanted to introduce their fastest ever 400 Mbit/s internet tariff, there was a dilemma. Why would you buy an internet connection, that’s faster than you would need today? Quite simply: because you will need it tomorrow. And being prepared for the future can feel quite relaxing. 

#EchtEntspannt– the case film
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How did we communicate this? By not interrupting our target group’s surf experience, but by becoming part of it.

In a series of online films #EchtEntspannt presented by the YouTuber Joyce, we interviewed people who already need this fast internet connection today: Germany’s top online gamer Sarazar, blogger Schlecky Silberstein, a “real” CIA hacker in the series Homeland – Sven Schelker, and online film producer Felix Starck.

In these interviews we captured them as relaxed as the internet connection from Unitymedia itself.

#EchtEntspannt – Interview with Schlecky Silberstein
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The interviews received a total of 3,6 Million views, with an average view time of over 3 minutes per viewer. That’s over 20 year’s worth of interviews voluntarily watched.

Even as a TrueView ad, the interviews were twice as successful as "normal" adverts. Every second viewer didn't skip the ad and watched on.

Joyce #EchtEntspannt with Sarazar, Schlecky Silberstein, Felix Starck and Sven Schelker
Unitymedia – JOYCE #EchtEntspannt with Schlecky SilbersteinUnitymedia – JOYCE #EchtEntspannt with SARAZARUnitymedia – JOYCE #EchtEntspannt with Sven Schelker aus HomelandUnitymedia – JOYCE #EchtEntspannt with Felix StarckUnitymedia – JOYCE #EchtEntspannt with SARAZAR


Client: Unitymedia
Production and direction: Divimove
Music: Mogli - "We go up"

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