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Whether a traditional brand or start up, we develop communications in order to best achieve our clients business goals. Our starting point is always the consumer: their behaviour, interestes and current relationship to the brand are key. With the right content positioned in the right places combined with the right media support, we aim to convert users to buyers.

We lead agencies to digital success.
Digitally active 365 days a year

Digitally active 365 days a year

We make sure that brands take place digitally every day – since only then can we capture hearts and minds. And that doesn't just mean providing for regular content contributions, but creating campaign highlights and outstanding moments in the digital plan. 

How we do it?
No matter the medium, we aim to create things that fit perfectly to the overlap between the brand and the target group.

Through identifying the brand's positioning and heritage, we aim to define content territories that the brand can meaningfully own not just today, but in years to come.

At the the same time, we analyse the consumer's interests and behaviour, making sure that what we create isn't just relevant to them, but helps them form a meaningful connection to the brand.

By analysing their online search habits, and supporting our output with targeted and efficient media, we make sure that the brand appears in a space that's relevant to them.

Kampagnen, die man teilen möchte

Campaigns designed to share

Whether core product launch campaigns or intermittent activation – our work is designed not just to earn attention, but also create engagement.

Purely "advertising" contents are not the main focus of the campaign. Instead it's measures that add real value to people's lives that count. This could be a humorous film or a digital service, which makes our live just a little bit better.

There's even more space for creativity in the digital playing field. But no matter which concept gets produced, it's important that the user can also find it. In the right place – and supported with the right media.

Content marketing done creatively

Content marketing done creatively

The development of the right content begins there, where a user is looking for information about a brand, a product or service. This content forms the basis of every content marketing strategy.

Many brands also need to own new, relevant content territories. At its best, with content that is currently underrepresented in the digital world, and located between brand positioning and target group interests. We help brands to identify the right content territories and to own it with the right content.

And even here it's the same: outstanding and high quality content will be rewarded.

Platforms that sell

Platforms that sell

From campaign pages to information platforms, right up to e-commerce solutions: we concept, design and program websites according to the latest standards.

From first contact with the consumer to the shopping cart: we provide for an integrated digital experience by deriving use case scenarios and contents from the customer journey. 

And that's not it. We also make sure that we've achieved our goals by ongoingly monitoring and optimising the campaign.

By using suitable content management systems and complimentary controlling tools, we make sure that all content and applications we develop can easily be scaled up to work internationally.

Thinking media, booking media

Thinking media, booking media

For us, reach plays a central role in creating campaign success. It counts toward whether content gets spread, and even counts toward targeted search engine marketing. Often, determining media share, place and type becomes the starting point to our activities.

For us, there's no communication strategy without a media strategy. Because part of the power of digital communications is strengthening “organic” reach through paid media.

In addition to developing an initial definition of media share in relation to production budget, we design and book media of all types. This counts not just for high reach platforms, but also for the integration of key influencers.

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