WARNER MUSIC |  The 360° Shades

Robin Schulz is known not just for his top mixes, but for his sunglasses. To promote his latest release, we sent the first virtual reality music video to the world’s top decision makers in the music industry: as google cardboard “sunglasses”.

Warner Music – Virtual Reality B2B Mailing for Robin Schulz


To promote his single “Sun goes down” world wide, Warner Music Central Europe had to impress those responsible for making sure that a song gets played: club and radio DJs, TV producers, music editors, as well as agency and brand representatives. The problem: exactly these people are provided with loads of new songs per email every day – but they can only listen to a fraction of them. Standing out is a difficult task.

The case film
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The world’s first virtual reality music mailing. To do this we used Robin Schulz’s absolute trademark – his sunglasses – and sent them to our target group over a thousand times.
The twist: with the corresponding app, you can experience the song as 360° music video. As if you were literally there, live.

From mailing to cardboard glasses in just three steps
The Robin Schulz 360° Mailing on the outsideThe Robin Schulz 360° Mailing from the insideThe Robin Schulz 360° Mailing as Cardboard glasses


Over 1,300 mailings were sent world wide with an opening rate of 68%. That means: the recipients downloaded the app and watched the music video at least once – a response rate at least 12 times higher than the usual way of sending a new song via email.

Recipients just had to download the app
Robin Schultz 360° iPhone app and 360° cardboad mailing.

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