Jägermeister |  Goldbae Edition

With the Goldbea Edition, we turned a social media trending topic into a unique premium product overnight, which triggered a visitor hype for the Jägermeister shop.



December 2018: Jägermeister relaunches its online shop. Our purpose: Generate attention for the new shop and lead the Jägermeister community to the virtual shelves. Help came from Franck Ribery, who caused a stir with a gold-plated steak…

The case film
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Real Time Advertising only works for those who can react fast. And convincingly. The media attention surrounding the gold-plated 1200-euro ribeye steak opened up a great opportunity for our communication. We used the trending topic by  hijacking the story for the online shop. The result: a Jägermeister special edition in 24 carat gold. A spontaneous project which generated a comparatively huge amount of attention for the new shop and which was only made possible by a very special agency-client relationship.



Within 15 minutes after the launch of the limited edition all 756 bottles were sold out. Our "BOTTLE TRACK" generated over 9 million plays and reached number 9 in the Spotify charts and number 6 in the YouTube trends. Additionally, several popular rappers spontaneously shared the track on their social media channels – tagging not only the artist, but us as well. And it didn’t end there: A market research study by Kantar showed a 34% increase of brand relevance among the target group (18-39). The study also indicated a rise of 31% in the direct association between the Jägermeister brand and the Hip Hop genre. A new milestone for Jägermeister: From fans to friends.

How the campaign worked in detail

We wanted to win new B2C customers in the young target group between 18 and 29 for the online store within a very short time. We announced on our social media channels what sounded like a joke at first: the Jägermeister Goldbae Edition. Our fans celebrated the idea - but then we took it that one step further than other brands and delivered. Overnight, we found a goldsmith who was willing to put our idea into practice within hours. 56 bottles were refined with 0.25 ounces of real gold, announced in another post and brought to the online store for 560.56 Euro per piece. What remains are 56 bottles for eternity and an online store that our fans now know and love.

On the day of sale, the online store recorded a rush of 74,000 visitors - about six times as many users as usual. In addition, with the Goldbae-Edition we created a popular premium product with 50 times the sales value compared to the normal bottle. Within 90 minutes after announcement all 56 bottles were sold out and were traded with reseller prices of up to 3000 Euro.